"AmCharts" to make beautiful pie charts and pie charts free in Flash

If you use this "amCharts" you can create free pie pie charts and pie charts for free. Flash expertise is unnecessary, it completes by simply writing data etc. to be graphed in the setting file. Various kinds of graphs and how to show can be specified, and it seems pretty application is likely to be useful.

Details are as below.
AmCharts: customizable flash Pie & amp; Donut chart

Downloading is possible from the following page.


The actual example can be seen from the following page. First is a standard pie chart.

In this example the explanation of the graph is written in each graph.

You can also make two graphs like this, change the color, slice it without sticking it and display it.

Not only two-dimensional graphs but also three-dimensional solid graphs are possible.

In addition to changing the background color, you can also bring JPEG images or another Flash to the background.

In other words, it makes it possible to express more varied by putting animation in the background like this.

So this is free to use if you do not mind if you have a small logo mark, but if you want to erase this logo you can delete it if you buy a paid version. Paid version is 45 euros (about 7000 yen) for single site license, 245 euro (about 38 thousand yen) for enterprise license available on site and software without limitation.

In the spring next year, bar graphs and line graphs will be released in this series as well.

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