Harry Potter final volume title announced

The original volume of 7 volumes that will be the final version of the Harry Potter seriesAuthor's official websiteIt seems to be seen in.

Since only the original title has been announced so far, the title can only be seen in the English version site. Official website Select the UK on the left of the national flags lining up on the top page, and click on the eraser that comes out in the center starts the game. Find the key, open the door, find the title character and finish.

The way to solve the title and the game is from the following.
The title is at the end of the text.

To start the game, first go to the following link and click the eraser.

J. K. Rowling Official Site - Harry Potter and more

Click on the back room in the mirror.

Click on the top of the door.

Click on the ceiling in the mirror.

Click on the spider web on the upper right or lower left of the door.

Click the second bar from the right of the wind chimes outside the window.

This will change the wind chimes to the key, so when you drag to the keyhole the door opens.

Open the box on the desk behind the door and click on the contents, the game starts searching for the title letters. I will enter the alphabet that is likely to be the title on the keyboard. When you made a mistake eight times, the picture of the hung person completed and out.

The title that comes out clear is "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." Is it a feeling like Harry Potter and the saints who can die when translating it? It seems there is a story saying that two characters will die in 7 volumes, but the truth came out.

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