Hidden door of a bookshelf that appears in a movie

Actually, a part of the bookshelf is a hidden door when pulling a book on a bookshelf, but there was a scene where everyone saw it in a movie etc, but there was a person who made it at home.

Details are as follows. Three bookshelf with no particular change.

However, if one book is tilted to the front ...

Hidden door opened!

There is a trick behind the book which becomes the switch.

By pulling a book, the middle stopper rises and the door opens.

It is made with a simple mechanism. If there is space to set up such a thing, it may be incredible to try making it.

Other photos are here.

Per Vivere [To Live]: Holly Shelf Unit, Batman!


A company that makes various hidden doors.


I try to hide the shelf under the stairway as a door.

Even wine cellars become hidden doors.

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