It seems that iPod Shuffle will be delivered to Google Adwords clients

The other dayChristmas gifts arrived at Google from GIGAZINEIn the article that I wrote that the digital photo frame arrived, it seems that there are places where iPod shuffle has been sent overseas.

By the way, heGoogle AdsenseNot,Google AdwordsIt seems that the advertisement fee paid to Google over the year is 35 thousand dollars (about 4.14 million yen) on the side which advertisement is using, so it may be that this thing arrives Hmm.

Details are as follows.
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According to this article, it is said that Google gave the 2nd generation iPod shuffle. Also Yahoo! He said that he gave a bottle opener, MSN gave a bottle of wine.

Although it is a gift for 2005, it arrived in Japan in January 2006, and the contents are blankets.

A blanket arrives from Google - a sado (10) journal

It seems that gifts for 2004 were radios and mood lights.

Suspicious luggage from America is from Google. : Ocean Bridge Takayama's blog

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