I tried to eat a white curry noodle selling tomorrow as soon as possible

Previously introducedIt is a cup noodle of white curry. The release date is tomorrow's 20th, but I already bought it because it was lined up in the shop front. Seven & i Holdings Since it is a limited item, it seems that it is sold only at the convenience store at Seven Eleven.

According to Nissin, it seems that product development with the concept of being able to experience white curry easily, but what kind of taste is it?

Details are as below.
Up package photos. Looking only here is a complete stew.

Raw materials include curry powder, as well as coconut milk and chicken.

I opened the lid. It is powdery.

Wait for 3 minutes with hot water.

After 3 minutes. No powder is mixed.

When mixed it looks like this. It was not a pure white soup.

Although it is an impression that I tried eating, since turmeric is suppressed, curry flavor is not that much. However, other spices are pretty effective, so I am entertaining the tongue. It is a creamy and rich appearance, but it was a bit irritating and unexpectedly flavored due to its spicy flavor.

It was quite tasty, so I'd like to ask for other different curry noodle development as well.

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