Winny developers are convicted of a fine of 1.5 million yen

It seems that it is a fine of 1.5 million yen because it helps copyright law violation. It goes without saying that judicial judgment that developers will be convicted because the developed software was illegally used.

Details are as follows. Conviction of 1.5 million yen fine for Winnie developers Kyoto District Court - -? Society

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By the way, what kind of calculation method is this fine of 1.5 million yen ...? I wonder, is there a possibility that each copyright holder will sue Winny developers one after another based on the result of this time ...?

By the way, Yahoo! In the questionnaire "News still uses Winnie?", 5389 votes out of all 5843 votes, about 92% of people "do not use" result.

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Furthermore, the severity of copyright in Japan has become a very high level, and in some cases it is narrowing my head by myself thanks to them. For example, although it is various domestic search engines, data on various homepages collected by Bot. It is illegal at the stage of using it for business as it is stored in the server as it is. Therefore, it seems that all domestic search engines are placing servers overseas.

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As expected, it seems that this law is reluctant to revise the copyright law.

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