Full operation of a system that constantly monitors file sharing by the National Police Agency, Share, Winny, etc.

According to the revised copyright law enforced on January 1, 2010, measures to "download illegalize" to prohibit downloading while knowing that images and music illegally distributed by file sharing software etc. are illegal are included Although it was, it became clear that the National Police Agency made full-scale operation of the system that constantly monitors the network using the file sharing software.

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Current affairs dot com: Share and Winnie, always survey = grasp the actual condition of distribution files - 90% of extraction illegal · National Police Agency

Operate network sharing observation system Watch for illegal file circulation - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

According to Journalism and Kyodo news reports, the National Police Agency has developed a system to constantly investigate file exchanges via file sharing software such as "Share" and "Winny", and that it is making full-scale operation from January It seems to have made it clear today.

The Metropolitan Police Department started piloting this system gradually from around March last year and as a sample examined 100 files that are distributed on the file sharing network constructed by Share last December, It was highly likely that it was illegal file including copyright infringement and child porn image.

In the future, it is said that it is a policy to utilize the observation results for investigation such as simultaneous detection after proceeding to grasp the actual state of the file circulated in the network. In addition, 13 to 140 thousand PCs are connected to the network of Share on a day, and it seems that about 950,000 files are published.

Although the penalties for illegal downloads are not stipulated under the revised copyright law, the Computer Software Copyright Association (ACCS), on behalf of Winny"Because users have the function of uploading downloaded files as is, users who have downloaded others' work via Winny will immediately become uploaders."It is pointing out that users who are only downloading are requesting to stop using file sharing software.

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