Free service "BubblePLY" that adds a balloon in YouTube and GoogleVideo

It is a strange service that you can put your favorite speech bubbles and serifs in movies of various online video sharing services such as YouTube and GoogleVideo. It is devised so that anyone can edit it very easily, and it seems that various ways of using it are quite funny. You can also attach a link to a balloon.

Since I think that I do not know what things are going to be read, I will review examples of actually made movies and review it below.
First, the movie (*100 explosive shoot explosive species Sauteed corn in a frying pan - GIGAZINEThan)

So this is the movie attached to the balloon with "BubblePLY" (click hereThen fly to BubblePlay and play)

In fact, how to make it, first of all,BubblePLYAccess to.

Then paste the address of the movie you want to attach a balloon and click "next"

Click "Add Bubble"

A speech balloon appears like this. Position can be moved freely by drag & drop.

You can change the position of the tip of the balloon by clicking on the circle at four corners of the corner

You can change the size of the balloon by dragging and pulling the lower left triangle

Click on the bottom left button to change the shape of the balloon

If you click in the middle, you will see comment style

By clicking the text part, you can enter letters

Of the tabs at the bottom of the movie, "Timing" adjusts the timing at which the speech balloon appears.

If you set "Link", you can attach a link string to the top of the balloon

Also, you can adjust the color and transparency of the balloon, the color of the text from "Effects"

When you are finished click "Done Creating" in the upper right

Completion. There is a code for embedding blogs etc. at the bottom so let's copy and use it.

The thing surprising is that you can display Japanese properly. Often the overseas service of this kind does not assume a double-byte character code such as Japanese, but in this case it can play pretty much. Good vibes.

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