Huge Firefox logo seen on Google Maps

In the field of Oregon state in the United States there was a huge Firefox logo with a diameter of 220 feet (about 67 m). I made a group called the Linux User Group at the state university in Oregon, it took about 2 weeks to plan, about 2 days to produce (about 14 hours and half to death by stepping on oats). Because students have informed Google about this, it is possible to zoom in the vicinity only around that area on Google Maps, and you can clearly see the logo.

Details are below. Firefox logo clearly visible from Google Maps. A car is on the south side with five cars and the appearance of the plane is reflected, is it the one of the production team?

Google Maps

Looking at "Circle Making Part 4" from the following link "Circle Making Part 1" there is a state that an airplane is active. You also saw an airplane on Google Maps.

The Road to Firefox 2 >> Blog Archive >> Behind the Scenes: The Firefox crop circle!

Looking at this logo from an angle, it looks like this.

The page about this huge logo by the created Linux User Group is below. You can see a lot of photos from Full Gallery at the bottom of the page.

Linux Users Group - Oregon State University

In addition, this group has said that he wrote a huge Firefox logo with chalk when Firefox achieved 50 million downloads, and raised a commemorative balloon when it achieved 100 million downloads.

The reference links for each are below.

Firefox 50 million downloads - Eimuri

Firefox Sidewalk

Firefox achievement of 100 million downloads - Eimura

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