Trekker of Google Street View reaches the top of Mount Fuji

Mt. Fuji registered as a World Heritage site on June 22nd is now available on Google Street View. People carrying backpack type photography equipment / trekker in the beginning of July had been witnessed at Mt. Fuji, but this Trekker walks from the 1st tier to the summit in a total of 3 days and shoots 14,000 panoramic pictures He said that he did.

Google Japan Blog: Japan's highest street view will be released

Fuji - Street View - Google Maps

Northern part of Mt. Fuji, Yamanashi Prefecture Located in Fujiyoshida City is Kitaguchi Fuji Asama Shrine

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From the shrine, the mountain path of Yoshidaguchi goes to the summit.

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This is Fifth Yoshida mouth fifth consecutive eyes.

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And Mt. Fuji top.

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This is Mt. Fuji Kengenaga

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How you shoot has been summarized in this movie.

Fuji street view - YouTube

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