A man who has tightrope twice a day in Niagara for 10 weeks

Mr. Jay Cochrane, who has several tightrope world records, began performing the tightrope walk in Niagara, Canada for about 10 weeks from June 30 to September 3 in local time. Moreover, the tightrope seems to be done twice a day at 16 o'clock and 20 o'clock.

Details are as below.
Jay Cochrane Wirewalking Niagara Falls at the Fallsview Casino Resort and Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

Mr. Jay crosses over 200 feet above ground (about 60 meters). When this performance is accomplished, Mr. Jay said that the total time on the rope is about 3 days in total, and the distance to walk the rope is about 15 miles (about 24 km).

A movie of the state of preparation for a tightrope.
YouTube - Jay Cochrane Niagara 2007

You can see other tightrope movies from Mr.'s website.

Jay Cochrane, The Prince of the Air

Mr. Jay is a tightrope walking at a height of 700 feet (about 200 meters).
YouTube - Jay Cochrane Tightrope Walking

The history of the people who challenged the tightrope in Niagara so far can be confirmed from the following.

Niagara Falls Daredevils a history

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