When drawing the trajectory of the mouse from 9 o'clock to 17 o'clock, this is

While doing work, the mouse pointer is busy moving from place to place on the screen, but what happens when you draw that trajectory as a picture. There is also a movie that arranges the work of the actual screen and the trajectory of the pointer, and you can see what kind of movement it is doing.

Details are as follows. The state at the time of writing three sentences by writing sentences about the site, moving or processing 5.5 GB of data. Is it because the vertical scroll bar is being operated moving the screen right and left up and down?

It seems that I often use the vicinity of the center of the screen on this day as well.

It is almost bloody, it seems to have been after 13 mails and 17 URLs. Red is tight.

This is when I reply to 15 mails and browse several sites. After moving around the middle, I did not know what to do.

You can see the comparison movie here. When browsing, points are attached to various places.
Nov. 1 2006

Different trajectories are likely to be drawn by people who frequently use keyboard shortcuts and people who do whatever they do with the mouse.

Other images can be seen from the following.

9 to 5 Paintings

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