Picture of Gatling minigun like a beam weapon

The minigun seems to be a weapon that launches up to 6000 bullets per minute while rotating multiple barrels, but it seems like a single light that is too many to fire. Because not only the appearance but also the power is terrible, it is spreading like a shooting game.

Playback is from the following.
Shooting from a mini gun mounted on a helicopter.
YouTube - The Power of a Gatling Gun

The car is also on the verge of racing.
YouTube - Minigun

You can see how bullets are loaded and discharged with CG.
YouTube - minigun

YouTube - Minigun mechanism

High-quality version of animation is here.
Graphic Art and Illustration - Animations

It is a minigun trial. The number of discharged chemicals is amazing.
YouTube - Mini-gun Firing Test

A minigun that fires a metal BB bullet. The TV is no longer usable.
YouTube - Airsoft Minigun

It is a mini gun for paintball made by Rick Galinson who participated as a special effect staff on Jurassic Park and others. Videos shooting are from the bottom of the page.
Paintball Minigun page

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