Various musical instruments

I introduced the afternoon yesterdayAlthough it was a fairly strange instrument, there were many more strange instruments in the world. I do not know exactly what it is just by listening to names such as "Laser Koto", "Tesla Organ".

Details are as follows. Laser koto. I used a laser instead of a string, it seems that sounds come out by shielding, I am playing with my hand pulling in the air.
YouTube - Laser Koto

Synchronize the Tesla coil with the organ performance. Every time I hear a sound, a purple spark occurs with a bee. Sparks are turning red when treble.
YouTube - Tesla Organ - Featured on Hacked Gadgets

Try synchronizing the Tesla coil and the keyboard. Every time I play the keyboard, the lightning runs. Also a neon in the shape of a question mark.
YouTube - Tesla Coil Music - Featured on Hacked Gadgets

When the music rings the flames will shake. There seems to be players of such effects, but the place to actually make is amazing.
YouTube - Ruben's Tube

NES guitar. It seems that we decomposed the NES I bought when I was 10 years old ....
Look what I made today!

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