"Beryl" enables dramatic effects such as burning up menu

Right click and the menu that comes out raises the flame and burns. The identity of this screen effect is quite impressive, it is "Beryl", derived from Compositing Window Manager "Compiz" using OpenGL.

Besides, you can rotate the whole desktop on a cube of 3-dimensional space, make ripples when alerting, and so on.

Playback is from the following.
YouTube - Beryl burn(Burning menu)

YouTube - Beryl ripple notification(An icon of the tray part notices rippling)

YouTube - Burning Windows 2(Burning window)

YouTube - Beryl Effects Video(Various effects)

Administrator diary: Ubuntu Edgy + XGL + Beryl videos up!

Below is a bit more detailed commentary.

Self-study Linux: Desktop effect to enjoy with Beryl - livedoor Blog (blog)

Open Tech Press | Beryl shows a stunning 3D desktop built by the community

The official website is below.


Below you can find installation instructions and plugins for each distribution.

Main Page - Beryl Wiki

Incidentally, the name "Beryl" is the name of a gem.

Beryl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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