Movie of "Dice Stacking" Loading Dice in a Cup

Dice stacking is a technique to take multiple dice placed on the floor etc. one at a time in cups and stack them in a cup. As I was showing off at the New Year Hakushi Games, there are also many people who know it. There seems to be various techniques, so this time I attempted to collect such movies.

Details are as follows. This person seems to be able to do this only for 2 weeks practice.

YouTube - 4 _ DICE - 1 _ CUP vol.1

A sequel to the ones above.

YouTube - DICE stacking MOVES vol.2

Further sequel. It took 3.53 seconds to load four dice.

YouTube - faaaast DICE stacking vol.3

We are loading 25 dice. It is amazing ...

YouTube - Brad Manuel Dice Stacking 25 High

Each time we do different pieces after loading.

YouTube - Some Dice Stacking

The way to do it is on the following page. It seems easy to do if you do it after you hold down the points.

Body Purpose - Die Stacking Manual

Dice Stacking

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