Nintendo, formally posting movie ads on YouTube

How, that NintendoYouTubeWe are advertising movies to movies, of course, normal movies are handled differently. First things that are displayed all the time on the right side of the top page, and that can not be embedded in blogs etc using embed tags. If you actually go to the page you will find it, but "Embedding disabled by request" is displayed.

Let's see that CM. Playback is from the following.
YouTube - Experience a new way to play. Wii from Nintendo.

It seems that YouTube had been maintained extensively around noon this afternoon and it was posted just after the resurrection, but I did not notice because I do not see much of YouTube's top page, so I did not notice it.

Incidentally,Bloomberg NewsAccording to Nintendo, it seems that Nintendo will spend 200 million dollars (about 23.5 billion yen) on Wii's promotional expenses, so this is part of that as well.

Come to think of it, how much is it when you put ads of this type on YouTube?

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