Site disassembling PS3 Summary

PlayStation 3 was released on 11th November, but you can see where PS3 you bought is being disassembled quickly. I tried putting together such sites.

Details are as follows. The fastest impress. It is truly.

PLAYSTATION 3 Hardware Report 【Quick Report】

In the parts edition, we are sending power supplies.

PLAYSTATION 3 Hardware Report 【Parts】

Next, Nikkei BP Tech-On !. This is uploading videos to YouTube and there is plenty of presence.

The track of the Nikkei Electronics Decomposition Team - Tech-On!

And Akiba news on ASCII 24.

【Special Project】 Because I like PS3! Love's Rough Dissection Section! (Final Version)

ITmedia is not disassembling but HDD exchange.

ITmedia + D Games: I tried replacing the HDD of PlayStation 3

If you disassemble / remodel it will not be able to receive manufacturer's warranty, so please be careful if you are interested.

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