'PS5 is in a state of cost reduction, but shipped more than 4.5 million units,' Sony's quarterly financial results revealed

Sony has announced its financial results for the third quarter of 2020 (October-December). The strong sales of

PlayStation 5 , which was launched on November 12, 2020, contributed to the significant increase in sales of the game & network service division, which was '40% increase compared to the same period of the previous year', and PS5 was shipped at a cost price cut It is revealed that it is.

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Sony Is Doing Great, But Making More PS5s Is Difficult

Sony is selling the PS5 at a loss, investors told --Polygon

On February 3, 2021, Sony released its financial results for the third quarter of 2020. In the third quarter of 2020, net sales and operating revenue increased 9% year-on-year to ¥ 2.6965 trillion, and consolidated operating income increased 20% year-on-year to ¥ 359.2 billion.

The game and network services sector drove this record-breaking performance. Sales in this division reached 883.2 billion yen (up 40% year-on-year), and operating income reached 80.2 billion yen (up 50% year-on-year). It greatly contributed to Sony's breakthrough.

The PS5, which went on sale on November 12, 2020, contributed to the strong performance of this division. In this financial report, Sony revealed that it has already sold 4.5 million PS5 units.

It is also revealed that PS5 is 'cost below'. According to Sony, PS5 is selling well, but 'we are recording a loss due to the strategic pricing of PS5.' In addition to this, it seems that profits and losses were also recorded due to selling, general and administrative expenses for the release of PS5, but as of the end of December 2020, sales of 4.1 million units were achieved '

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales ' It is said that strong sales of software such as PlayStation Plus and sales of network services centered on PlayStation Plus increased due to demand for nesting, which led to a significant increase in profits this time.

On the other hand, while PS5 is selling well, there is also a report that 'shipments are not catching up'. Hiroki Totoki, Representative Executive Officer, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, said in a briefing session on financial results, 'We are making progress as planned to achieve our goal of' sales of more than 7.6 million units by the end of 2020. ' However, we are not fully responding to the strong demand from our customers. ' It is said that it is making every effort to deliver as many as possible to users who are waiting for PS5.

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