Sony's fiscal year settlement of accounts increased operating income by 421.9% year-on-year, greatly improving the income and expenditure of the game business

Sony 's settlement of accounts for fiscal 2007 was announced earlier. It is very strong with an increase of 421.9% from the operating profit in fiscal 2006, and it is content that overturns the recent disadvantage.

The income and expenditure has also been improved significantly with respect to the game business which was concerned about the deficit.

Details are as follows
Sony Japan | 2007 Business Results Meeting

This is the overall balance. Operating income has increased significantly by 421.9%.

Balance for each segment. In addition to the dramatic increase in the operating profit of the electronics business, the deficit in the game business has also improved by about 110 billion yen from 233 billion yen to 124.5 billion yen.

Breakdown of game business. Sales of the PS3 main unit increased by 156%, while software increased by 35%, which boosted sales.

It will be a killer title next monthMetal Gear Solid 4Will be released, but depending on the future sales of PS3 will the game business turn into a surplus?

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