How long will it take for Wii and PS 3 to start the game?

Both nearer generations are "Wii" and "PS 3", but how long will it take each time to start the game? There was a movie to make sure of it.

Details are as follows. First of all, Wii movies.

YouTube - Starting up The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on wii

Turn on the power, select "Disk drive channel" and insert the disc. When loading is completed, the game starts. It's a minute a minute until I start playing the game after turning on the Wii.

It is a movie of PS3.

YouTube - PS3 Controller Interface and Game Load Times

Although power supply entered from the beginning, and because it is doing explanation etc of the controller, it can not compare as it is, but it takes about one and a half minutes from choosing the software to starting the game.

Wii's victory as time. However, although it can not be said that even one minute is never so early, it may be unavoidable since it is a disk medium. Also, since PS3 seems to be able to shorten the startup time by installing the game on the hard disk, is it actually about the same angle?

11: 49 Addendum:
Since the article was released shortly after e-mail, "When Wii saved the data of the game played last time in flash memory, the next time it gets launched faster" was flooded, so many inquiries took place, so when I contacted Nintendo, the following movie Was introduced.

From Wii startup until starting Zelda (2)

Indeed, if this is the case, the startup time has been reduced by about 15 seconds to about 45 seconds. Although it is the length of one CM, it feels like it got much faster as a bodily sensation. Is PS3 going to be so early?

14:07 Further postscript:
I also contacted SCEI, "There are games to play on disk as well as some games to download, so it can not be said unconditionally, it depends on the capacity of the game." Considering the HDD used game of PS 2, loading time will be shortened, but the startup may not be changed either.


A movie playing Wii's "Red Steel" by four people. I would like to do if it is exciting up to here.

Video: [Wii] Trailer Multi Red Steel | Veoh Video Network

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