YouTube has been named "Innovation of the Year" by TIME magazine

It is said that TIME magazine in the United States chooses what American TIME magazine had a major impact on technological innovation in the past year, but YouTube was chosen this year.

By the way, Nintendo's Next Generation Game Machine "Wii" etc as a competing horse was said.

Details are as follows.TIME Best Inventions 2006

The reason that YouTube was selected according to this article is that YouTube has become a new way for many people to entertain each other, educate, shock, and deepen understanding at unprecedented scale.

In addition, TIME magazine as a reason for the explosive hit of YouTube cheaper photography equipment, as a result of easy-to-use video editing software, it became easy to create video content, MySpace born by Web 2.0 etc. Community, because the fact that consumers have become impossible to put up with existing top-down type media has overlapped.

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