"HandBrake" that converts DVD to MPEG 4 that can be played on iPod or PSP

It is made as open source software under the GPL license, and currently it runs on Mac OS X and Linux. We are also making a keen effort on the Windows version, and it seems that the original original version was suitable for BeOS.

After ripping from DVD, it can convert to MPEG-4 or H.264 format file, and it can automatically convert to 4: 3 for iPod and 16: 9 for PSP. It seems quite easy.

Download from below.

The files are listed below.

HandBrake >> Download

It seems that usage is described in various sites.

DVD backup

How to use HandBrake and compare images

It seems to be excellent as file conversion software for W - ZERO 3.

GOGO SmartPhoneBLOG: the strongest video environment for TCPMP and HandBrake forW-ZERO 3 & MacOSX users

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