Until "Tadakopi" can be copied at 0 yen

Usually you can copy 1 piece if you put in 10 yen, "TadakopiIf it is 0 yen. The advertisement is posted on the back of the copy paper, so it is free in exchange for it. The place where the installation is now main is the university. So, because the audience is also clear on the side of the advertisement, it is easy to target the target and it is easy to advertise.

As a look after copying, it seems that it is being used without being particularly awkward because it is on an extension line of a feeling to memorize on the back of a leaflet. Considering that there is not much to copy on both sides, it is a really excellent idea.

I discovered that directors wrote in blogs until such "Tadakopi" started. It is quite interesting. Details are as below.
('∞ `) Mochi - The Wall is a Door ~: Tadakopi Conception ~ The Story to the Start - livedoor Blog (ブ ロ グ)

The same thing is written on the blog of the representative director.

Thank you for introduction. | Oceanese advances

What is amazing is the list of this sponsorship achievement.

Sponsorship results

The marketing power that gathered this sponsorship company is amazing than the greatness of the idea.

Also maybe you want this Tadakopi at the library. Sometimes I have articles on newspapers or something, because I do not have it on the net so I want to copy it and take it home.

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