A4 essential tool "HINGE" reviewer who takes notes and sketches with copy paper

For designers and illustrators, notepads and sketchbooks to write down ideas as they are are an indispensable item, but unlike notepads and sketchbooks that require replacement, any A4 size paper It is possible to transform it into an original memo tool by pinching it "HINGE"is. I tried to use it because it is a perfect item for those who wrote notes, sketches, drawing etc anything on the A4 copy paper for perfect printing.


This is HINGE.

It is like this when taking out from the package. Simple is best design with no letters or brand logos on either the front or the back.

The surface of HINGE is a peculiar and rough touch and the touch is good. Although it looks like leather, it is said that it is using resin sheet material.

The hinge part features two open holes.

I thought that there was no logo, there was a small "idontknow.tokyo" logo on the hinge part of HINGE. While putting a brand logo to show "Who made it", HINGE is said to be a standing position that it is a supporting role of notes and sketches to the last, it seems that the logo was arranged in an inconspicuous hinge part .

HINGE is folded in half, so when opened it looks like this.

One side is like a file ... ....

About 20 sheets of A4 paper for memos and sketches can be stocked here. If paper materials dealt at meetings and presentations are put in here, it is likely that the material will not be bent in the bag.

The edge of the other side is like this ... ...

I use it to pinch the paper here.

Looking up it is like this. There is a fold of about 2 cm, just pinching the paper here.

Although it is caught in the gap, it externally fixed the paper securely, and paper did not fall even when shaking or swinging by turning HINGE upside down.

Actually watching HINGE upside down and shaking or shaking can be seen in the following movie.

I tried to see how firmly "HINGE" caught paper between you - YouTube

Looking at the hinge part from the outside, grooves are firmly dug in the part to be bent.

It seems that HINGE can be bent freely 360 degrees by this groove as seen from the inside.

So, I actually folded HINGE and tried it. Write a favorite one as you feel like writing memos and sketches with a pen across the paper OK.

Since the resin sheet used for HINGE has hardness underlaying, it is also possible to hold notes and sketches holding HINGE in hand like this.

Furthermore, if it is a pen with a clip ......

Put clip part in vacant hole in hinge ......

It is possible to fix to HINGE by rotating the pen sideways by 90 degrees.

When I close the pen with the pen attached, it looks like this.

From the outside, only the clip part of the pen protrudes to the outside.

In addition, if the pen has a clip on the lid ......

With this feeling you can use the pen while keeping the lid on HINGE.

Therefore, it will be possible to memorize immediately after opening HINGE.

It will not be long if you say "If you can use ordinary binders," it is until then, but it is refined beauty that is not found in the binder, because it is folded in two, it makes the paper dirty even if it falls inside the bag Good point that there is no worry about breaking it. Also, if you have a pen with a clip, you can carry it with HINGE, so even if you forget the pen case by chance, you can write memos and sketches with confidence. Since most of A4 size paper can be caught, even if there is even space to write something such as paper misprinted paper or unnecessary paper material, the back side of a flier even if it is not a completely copy paper, whatever the memo paper It is possible to transform it into a drawing campus.

HINGE isTENTIt is sold at 1296 yen including tax.


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