Published a photobook "Shadows of the State" that summarizes thirty broadcasting bases etc. that the researchers of the radio for spying activity "Random Number Broadcasting" located

Radio that broadcasts cryptographic sound for spy activity "Numbers Station (Random number broadcasting)"Was actively conducted during the Cold War era. People who have studied about the random number broadcasting that exists more than 20 years since the end of the Cold War have raised funds related to publication by cloud funding in order to publish a photobook that summarizes the research results, It is supposed to clear out the research results to the world.

Shadows of the State by Lewis Bush - Kickstarter

Informal broadcasting stations have developed 'random number broadcasting' in which cryptic messages and voice flow, during the Cold War era. Random number broadcasting mainly using shortwave is a message sent to people spying in foreign countries and is considered to be used for intelligence activities. Random number broadcasting that is broadcast as guerrilla without mentioning it,BCLIt is said that it was discovered by maniacs and work of decrypting the encryption was done.

Random number broadcasting is carried out by investing a large amount of money from the size of the scale, it is believed that it is sponsored by each government agency.

Since radio waves are beyond To comfortably the border, has been utilized in applications to convey a specific message to the intelligence agents scattered all over the world.

Broadcasting is basically encrypted so that it will be OK even if it is eavesdropped. Because it is kept secret, the person trying to decipher will not fail.

However,One time padIn fact, it is difficult to decipher it by using it.

In the Cold War era, it was a random number broadcast that was taking place in countries such as America, Russia, China, Cuba, but after the Cold War it drastically declined. However, it is still used in some countries such as China and North Korea, and it has not completely disappeared.

British photographer and writer Lewis Bush has been studying random number broadcasting for about two years.

By analyzing government released materials and secret documents concerning random number broadcasting, it said that it identified more than 30 facilities that are regarded as bases of random number broadcasting.

The specified place is saved as digital data using Google Earth's 3D data etc.

The following satellite image is a facility suspected as a base of random number broadcasting in Germany.

As you zoom in on the image you can see objects like a huge antenna.

In addition, it collects voice data of random number broadcasting concerning each base.

Audio data is stored as a waveform and it seems that it can be used for decrypting encryption.

Data on the random number broadcast collected so far is referred to as a photobook "Shadows of the StateMr. Bush is planning to publish it as ". To raise funds for that, at the cloud funding site KickstarterShadows of the State ProjectWas launched.

Copies of the Shadows of the State were offered to investors in the project with a contribution of 40 pounds (about 6000 yen).

Copy is an explanation about random number broadcasting and the research which has been done so far.

There are explanations about 30 random number broadcasting bases. However, accurate location information is not clearly stated.

It seems that Mr. Bush seems to be a photobook containing a lot of high-definition photographs.

Mr. Bush not only publishes Shadows of the State of the photobook, but also plans to launch a website that posts information on random number broadcasts that he has been researching. We will also publish images of aerial photographs and random sound broadcasting data which are regarded as bases of random number broadcasting on the site.

In December 2017Brave Books"Shadows of the State" planned to be published from 28 cm × 18 cm in size, 192 pages in all, the commentary is in English, 60 high-resolution photographs are recorded. German book designerTom MrazauskasIt is said that it will be attached with his design. Although the number of copies was only 700, it was reprinted to 1000 volumes when the stretch goal of the Kickstarter project reached. Still limited to 1000 copies, it is likely to be a precious book.

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