10 easy ways to prove that the earth is round

Even though everyone has the knowledge that the earth is round, only a few people have ever confirmed it.

Popular Science has compiled 10 easy ways to easily check the question ``What shape is the Earth?'' which has been a big theme since ancient times, so that you can answer ``spherical''.

10 easy ways you can tell for yourself that the Earth is not flat | Popular Science

◆1: Lunar eclipse
If you look at the lunar eclipse, where the Earth's shadow is reflected on the moon's surface, you can see that the Earth is spherical. To be more precise, the fact that the shadow of the rotating Earth draws an arc every time there is a lunar eclipse is proof that the Earth is a sphere.

◆2: Ship and horizon
The fact that ships appear from beyond the horizon, starting from the tip of their sails, shows us that the Earth is round. If the Earth were flat, small, dot-like ships would appear to be expanding.

◆3: Constellation
When Aristotle returned from a trip to Egypt, he reported that he could see stars in (southern) Egypt that were not visible in Cyprus. this is
This phenomenon is possible because the earth is round.

If the Earth were flat, we would be able to observe the same stars.

◆4: Shadow of the stick
You can also confirm that the Earth is a sphere by comparing the shadows of extremely long rod-shaped objects. If the Earth were flat, the lengths of the shadows cast by sticks of the same length would also be the same.

However, since the Earth is a sphere, the length of the shadow changes depending on the movement of the sun.

If you don't get it, you should be able to solve it by watching the movie below, which experiments with grapefruit as the earth.

The Earth's Curvature is Tasty - YouTube

◆5: View from a high place
Consider the case of viewing a distant object from two places: on the ground and from a high place. If the Earth were flat, anything far away would be visible from both points.

You can actually see objects further away from a higher place. This is proof that the earth is round.

◆6: Airplane
When you're on a plane, you can easily feel that the Earth is a sphere. For example, if you see the horizon while flying over the Pacific Ocean, you'll see that it's an arc. Another proof that the Earth is a sphere is that no matter how many hours you fly, you will not fall off the edge of the Earth.

◆7: Planet
When you look at the stars shining in the sky, they all have a spherical shape. Since all the planets in the universe are spherical, it seems quite certain that the Earth, which also exists in outer space, is a sphere. Rather, it is extremely difficult to think of a reason why an object other than a sphere that can revolve and rotate can exist in the universe.

◆8: Time zone
As the Earth revolves around the sun, the amount of sunlight varies depending on the location. For example, in June there are more than 12 hours of sunshine in Japan in the northern hemisphere, but less than 12 hours in Australia in the southern hemisphere. This relationship is completely opposite in December. Such changes in daylight hours can only occur if the Earth is a sphere that rotates and revolves around its axis.

◆9: Gravity
The magnitude of gravity is almost constant regardless of location. This is because the Earth is spherical and is a constant distance from the center regardless of location.

If the Earth were flat, the magnitude and direction of gravity would change depending on location. In reality, this phenomenon does not occur.

◆10: Seen from space
The easiest way to see the Earth is from space. This is obvious when you look at the photos of Earth sent by astronauts.

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