A piece of artificial satellite taken far away from the earth "one with a good understanding of the distance between the earth and the moon"

There is a distance of about 380,000 km between the earth and the moon, and it takes about 1.3 seconds even at the speed of light, but it is too far so that humans can hardly realize that distance. Satellites that are flying in the universe about 5 million kilometers away from the earth are shooting pictures that make them feel almost exactly.

Ever wanted to see how far apart the Earth and the Moon are? Well, now you can

That picture is Kore. The earth appears in the upper left of the photo, and the moon is small in the lower right. It is thought that other stars are not shown by image processing, but the state of the earth and the moon are not added at all, and it becomes a photograph which holds the genuinely earth and the moon in one angle It is. Even so, it is a fresh surprise that the moon which I always look up in the night sky is actually away from such a distant place.

By the way, the International Space Station (ISS) orbit around the earth is about 350 km altitude from the earth's surface. The diameter of the earth is about 12,700 kilometers, so it is about 2.8% of the diameter. Since the diameter of the earth in the above picture is "about 30 pixels", you can see that the ISS's orbit is only about 1 pixel from the earth's surface. Given this, you should be able to realize how far the US Apollo project has sent numerous astronauts to far.

This photograph was taken of NASA's satellite launched in 2016Osiris Rex"is. asteroid"BenneOsiris · Rex which continues to fly with the aim of aiming at "a swing-by-the-earth" which accelerates by using the attraction force of the earth and is aiming at the asteroid Venus in a stretch, from the point about 5 million km away from the earth I shot this picture and sent it back to the earth.

This illustration shows the positional relationship at the time of shooting. Unfortunately, although it does not indicate an accurate sense of distance for the purpose of photographing from the angle of 142 degrees with respect to the line connecting the earth and the moon, a photograph showing accurately the distance between the earth and the moon so precisely There is nothing more than this. By the way, this time the photograph which is announced seems to be a combination of 3 pictures with different wavelengths shot with multiple cameras mounted on Osiris · Rex.

Osiris · Rex keeps traveling to Benne, arrives and landed within 2018, plans to collect rocks etc. of asteroids and return to Earth around 2023 again, in Japan it is called "American version Hayabusa" Sometimes. It is known that Benne approaches the Earth eight times during the period from 2169 to 2199 and that there is about 0.7% possibility of colliding with Earth by any of them, and in order to conduct a more detailed investigation NASA is planning a planet Simultaneously with examining the composition of the sun, the planet begins to rotate and the orbit changesJarkovsky effectIt is supposed to investigate.

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