Perfume using "Rosa Centifolia" "Rose Royale"

"Rosa Centifolia" is a rose meaning "100 petals" in French, it seems that only 1% of the roses used in the world's perfume have rare production. The rose that Mary Antoinette of Queen France holds in the portrait also said that it is this rose.

And the perfume "Rose Royale" using that rose will be released on a limited quantity from Shiseido on November 21, 2006 (Tuesday) at department stores, cosmetic specialty shops, mass retailers and so on. Two items were released, and the price was 21,000 yen and 6300 yen (tax included) respectively.

Details are as follows.Shiseido releases the noble scent "Rose Royale" using rare roses "Rosa Centifolia" limited

According to this article, it seems that it is a scented fragrance with somewhat dignified elegance in sweetness like honey using rose oil extracted from "Rosa Centifolia". The rose oil can only take 1 g from 300 roses.

Items to be released are "Rose Royale Parfum 32 ml" with a special atomizer, tax included 21,000 yen, "Rose Royale Eau De Parfum 50 ml" is 6300 yen including tax. It is said that the guarantee of the French national fragrance association will be attached to each.

It is somehow very gorgeous, is it for Christmas gifts?

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