I drank Lindt's `` Strawberry Bouquet Hot Chocolat Drink '' with rich chocolate accented with sweet and sour strawberry flavor

The Swiss chocolate brand 'Lindt' will be offering a gorgeous and cute ' Strawberry Bouquet Hot Chocolate Drink ' inspired by a bouquet of roses for a limited time only on Valentine's Day from January 6, 2023 (Friday) at a café. increase. While feeling the dark chocolate firmly, the strawberry's sweet and sour taste is a cup full of Lindt's commitment, so I actually bought it and drank it.

Valentine's limited seasonal drink 'Strawberry Bouquet Hot Chocolat Drink' is now available! - Lindt Chocolat Cafe


Arrived at Linz's cafe ' Chocolat Boutique & Cafe '.

At the store, the strawberry bouquet hot chocolate drink is greatly appealing.

About 5 minutes after ordering, a strawberry bouquet hot chocolate drink arrived.

The strawberry bouquet hot chocolate drink is topped with white chocolate copo, which is shaved by hand one by one and looks like a petal.

According to the Linz clerk, 'Please melt and drink while mixing', so when I mixed it with the attached spoon, a drink that combined Lindt's 70% dark chocolate and strawberry puree was exposed.

The drink wasn't that hot, but the topping melted after a little mixing.

When I drank a strawberry bouquet hot chocolate drink, I felt a sweet and sour strawberry in a dark chocolate with a firm sweetness, giving a good accent to a drink with a sticky texture. Also, as you drink the drink, you will feel the sweetness of the unmelted chocolate at the bottom. Strawberry bouquet hot chocolate drink was a gorgeous dish not only in appearance but also in taste.

Linz `` Strawberry Bouquet Hot Chocolat Drink '' can be purchased at Linz Chocolat Boutiques & Cafes nationwide for a limited time from January 6 (Friday) to February 15 (Wednesday), 2023, and the price is 780 yen including tax.

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