Lotte's "rich fruit chocolate" does not cheat with scent

Lotte's "Rich Fruit Chocolate Luxury Strawberry" and "Rich Fruit Chocolate Luxury Raspberry" that were released nationwide from Tuesday, April 17 were in line with the shop so I bought it immediately.

Although it seems to be a fruit chocolate which aims at the revolution of Japanese chocolate which can enjoy the rich taste and acidity of fruits by using plenty of fruits, there is only the word "luxury" with the product name, but the price Also bullish with 248 yen (tax included), it was completely different from "fruit chocolate deceiving using fragrance" which tends to be in such chocolate.

Details are as follows.
The back side of "luxury strawberry" is like this. I have dried strawberries.

"Raspberry juice powder" in "luxury raspberry".

I pulled out the aluminum foil from the box and peeled off. "Luxury raspberry" on the left and "Luxury strawberry" on the right. Was it not easy to carry, the strawberries were cracked.

Although I tried to eat, both have shakiyaki and a strange texture to eat. Because of that, people of "luxury strawberries" feel like they are eating strawberries or something that they have frozen. Unlike taste, commonly used "strawberry chocolate cheating aroma alone", it really tastes strawberries and it is very tasty.

In addition, "raspberry" is a little taste of adult compared to "strawberry", but the taste and sweet and sourness of raspberry have been reproduced properly, and this is also very delicious.

Incidentally, neither taste nor smell is very good, just smelling the smell will let the sweet and sour smell that floods in the mouth drift in the room. It is delicious chocolate commensurate with the price.

The official page is here.

A new trend in Japanese chocolate culture. Rich fruit chocolate was born!
"Rich fruit chocolate BOX"
"Rich Fruit Chocolate BOX" New Release
Launched nationwide from Tuesday 17th April 2007

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