I tried 'All Pine' with the sweetness and sourness of pineapple sandwiched between cookies.

As a limited-time product of the

'All Raisins ' series with raisins sandwiched between moist textured cookies , 'All Pine ' with pineapples instead of raisins will be released on May 17, 2021 (Monday). So, I tried to eat the real thing a little earlier.

All raisins tohato

The packaging looks like this, and while all raisins were based on black, they are based on a very bright light blue. The yellow color of the pineapple is also eye-catching.

Ingredients are wheat flour, sugar-pickled pineapple, etc. One sheet is 32 kcal.

One content is 6 bags.

There are 2 pieces per bag, so there are a total of 12 pieces. When you cut this individually wrapped bag, the refreshing sweet scent of pineapple floats softly.

Pineapple is sandwiched between cookie dough with the same moist texture as 'all raisins'. It has a good balance of sweetness and acidity, and it gives the impression that it is perfect for tea time with tea or coffee.

All pine was already included in the 'Family Size All Assorted Raisin & Pine' combination, but with the introduction of this single pack, you can now eat as much all pine as you like. The price is 188 yen including tax per pack.

In addition, Amazon.co.jp sells a set of 12 bags for 2333 yen (194 yen per bag).

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