Internet Explorer 7.0 official version will be installed with automatic update

The official version of Internet Explorer 7.0 is scheduled to be released this month, but it is planned to be installed automatically when updating such as Microsoft Update. After I patched and restarted, it became IE 7.

However, in Japan, this automatic update is to be delayed by six months from the United States, and if distribution of IE 7 by automatic renewal is started in October in the United States, in Japan it will be six months later in 2007 Provision will be started by automatic update from around the month.

Details are as follows.
IEBlog: IE 7 Is Coming This Month ... Are you Ready?(Official blog of Microsoft's IE 7 development team)

Microsoft to Push Out IE 7 This Month - Security Fix(Washington Post Security Blog)

Software that turns off automatic updates for corporate users will also be distributed at a later time, but as you can see on the site below it seems like you can invalidate automatic updates to IE 7 even at personal level by modifying the registry .

Prevent Automatic Updates from Installing IE 7 -

Also, as a standalone software, you can download free software "IE7BlockerToolkit" which invalidates automatic updating. Is it okay with this at individual level or small business level?

Download details: Toolkit to Disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 7

In the current Japanese version, the following IE 7 RC 1 is the latest version.

Download details: Internet Explorer 7 RC 1 (Windows XP SP 2)

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