The future mobile phone "The Black Box" is a full touch screen

It is a mobile phone that the whole screen is a touch screen and the display dynamically changes according to the situation. Instead of placing a number of buttons, you can simplify the operation by displaying only the buttons required at that time. It makes it possible to do various things with mobile phones, but it does not lose the goodness of operability.

Details are as follows.
IF Design iF details view
The Black Box
User Interface Communication

This is a concept model which BenQ terminal maker issued for "iF design award china 2006" and got the award, and the name is called "The Black Box". It features a big full-sized touch screen, and it is possible to switch several functions.

Similar concept models have been issued by other companies in the past. For example,

Synaptics Products :: Introducing the Onyx Concept

Sony Ericsson is a similar thing and is considering "Black Diamond" before, and it is decided that this is actually sold exclusively for 5 units by the manufacturer called VIPN.


The price is about 300,000 dollars, about 35.31 million yen. It is said that it is equipped with Windows Mobile 5 ...... Future mobile phones are expensive ... ....

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