"BugMeNot" to use a site that does not need to register a member

There is a famous site called BugMeNot, and when you go here you have a user ID and password that you can use for sharing.

For example, on YouTube there is a movie that can not be watched unless you login with free membership, but in that case you can browse immediately without having to register for membership.

Extensions for Firefox and bookmarklets are also available.

Details of usage are as follows.
Bugmenot.com - login with these free web passwords to bypass compulsory registration

Easy to use, just enter the address of the page that needs login and click "Get Logins".

For YouTube, for example, it will be displayed as follows.

YOUTUBE passwords - login with these free accounts to bypass compulsory web registration - Bugmenot.com

Also, you can post your registered user ID and password from the form below.

Submit new account - Bugmenot.com

Extensions available in Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape etc are from the following.

Roachfiend.com >> BugMeNot

Incidentally,Where this website creator intendsAs for privacy protection, avoidance of spam based on registration information, compliance with the basic spirit of the net, information to be entered into a membership site, etc. are high proportion, so it is a waste of time as much as possible, and I assert that if every site becomes obliged to membership registration obviously it will be very troubling. It seems to be a kind of protest activity.

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