A short movie made with open source software "Elephants Dream"

Amazingly, it is a movie made with various open source software and the quality of the video is extremely high. The movie itself is MPEG 4 AVI format, sound is 5.1 ch surround using AC 3, full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 dots) and file size 815 MB. What kind of things can be made with unified open source software? It is a specific example. too cool.

The movie itself is distributed under the license of "Creative Commons" and it is freely downloadable. Also, various materials are distributed on the net as well. For those who are interested in the production of video work using 3DCG it will be a great reference.

Download from the following.
Elephants Dream

The movie itself can be downloaded from the following page. There are two of 1920 size and 1024 size.

Elephants Dream >> Download & amp; Watch

Using BitTorrent will end the download immediately. You can download it the fastest.

In addition, you can download BGM used in the play from the following page, movies of production landscape, photos and so on.

Elephants Dream >> media gallery

According to the ending credit, the open source software you are using is Blender, Gimp, Python, OpenEXR, Verse, CinePaint, Inkscape, Twisted, Ubuntu Linux, KDE, GNOME, DrQueue, Subversion. Hardware devices such as servers required for production are said to be provided by Sun Microsystems.

For further details on this subject, the following article is detailed, including creator interviews and so on.

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