An open source platform "Panda" that builds itself like YouTube using Amazon EC2 / S3 / SimpleDB on its own

A platform called "Panda" developed with this open source that makes it easy to build a system that uploads, encodes, and streams movies online. It is possible to seamlessly create these series of flows, and you can create a system like YouTube on your own.

Amazon is proud to useCloud ComputingsystemAmazon EC 2 / S3 / SimpleDB. We combine these with the framework "Merb". When you launch Panda you will be able to access the API and you can combine it with other web applications.

Movie is uploaded via Panda, encoding is handled by FFmpeg, converted to Flash format and streamed by JW FLV Media Player etc. Since it also supports H.264, it can be delivered in full HD.

Details are as below.
Panda - Open source video platform

The flow is like this.

Below is the tutorial to start. It is a major premise to have FFmpeg, Merb, Nginx included in Panda and to make Amazon Web services available.

Panda - Open source video platform

For the actual screen, the panel for the administrator seems to be like this

For details on other documents and APIs, please see below.

Panda - Open source video platform

The developer's blog is below.

Bamboo Blog - Panda - open source video encoding powered by Merb, EC 2, S3 and SimpleDB

Even though I wanted to make this service on my own, it was a bottleneck as to how to make it redundant as the scale got larger, whether to increase the server or to distribute the load, but Amazon It might be solvable using the cloud of.

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