Norton Antivirus 2007 and Internet Security 2007 launch

Both productsdownload versionThe package version will be on sale from today on Saturday, September 30. Previously wroteList of software that Windows becomes heavySo Norton Internet Security 2006 was the most prominent topic, but is this version a bit lighter?

Details are as below.
Symantec Announces Norton Anti-Virus 2007, Norton Internet Security 2007 Realizing state-of-the-art security and performance against the latest threats

The screen of Norton Antivirus 2007 looks like this.

The person of Norton Internet security 2007 is like this.

Including all functions of Norton AntiVirus 2007 Norton Internet Security 2007 reduces the memory used to 10-15 MB and improves the reaction speed so that the user interface will start in less than 1 second. Also, compared to Norton · Internet Security 2006, scanning is accelerated by 30 to 35%, start time is reduced by 5 to 10%.

Norton 2007 catalog(PDF: 728KB)

The new features of Norton AntiVirus 2007 are three functions: the removal function of virus and spyware hidden by the rootkit, the deletion function of malicious tracking cookie, and the security history function which can check about detected threats and processing.

The new function of Internet Security 2007 seems to be a protection function from online fraud (phishing) and a function to prevent unauthorized leakage of information by spyware and keyloggers.

The selling price is Norton AntiVirus 2007 standard package is 6195 yen, 3 user package is 13,340 yen, 5 user small office pack for SOHO users is 17,325 yen, 10 user small office pack is 3,210 yen. Download version is 4935 yen (Symantec store price), Upgrade version is from 4725 yen.

The Norton Internet Security 2007 has a standard package of 8190 yen, a three user package of 14,490 yen, a five user small office pack of 23,850 yen, and a 10 user small office pack of 50, 3025 yen. The download version is 6300 yen (Symantec store price), the upgrade version is from 5985 yen.

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