AntiVirusKit, the No. 1 anti-virus software in Germany, to Japan

It seems to be the No. 1 share in the Internet security software division in Germany. Also, I do not know well what is the definition, but it seems Uri is able to protect the computer from threats such as viruses at the world's fastest speed. (According to German ComputerBild magazine May 2006)

Sales in Japan are assigned by Eye Four, Inc., Gee Data Software AG. We will exhibit at the "3rd Information Security EXPO" to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from Wednesday, June 28th.

Details of the function of "AntiVirusKit" are as follows.

"Double scan" technology to detect with two anti-virus engines
- "Outbreak shield" which can protect in 30 seconds from discovery of new virus
· Compatible with over 36 types of compression format · file format (1.5 times of other company's software)
· Virus definition file updated every hour
Spyware removal function

In addition, the integrated version "AntiVirusKit InternetSecurity" seems to have the following additional functions.

· All functions of "AntiVirusKit" are installed
· "Java script block" to protect against SNS malicious macro (mixi's "I town well" etc.)
· "Firewall" to prevent unauthorized access from the outside
· Blocking malicious sites trying to illegally acquire credit card numbers, etc. "Anti-Fishing"
· "Pop-up block" to suppress annoying pop-up windows
· "Banner block" to hide unnecessary banner advertisements
· Delete privacy information such as cookie, cache, access history "Personal control"
· Adult · Restrict display of violent site "Filtering"
· Prevent spam mail accurately and block "Block spam"

The main site is here, it seems that you have already acquired only the domain, but the contents remain in German.

G DATA Software AG

According to it, "AntiVirusKit" is 35 euro (about 5100 yen), "AntiVirusKit InternetSecurity" 45 euros (about 6500 yen).

To the extent of reference, Norton Anti Virus is 4720 yen for Amazon, Norton Internet Security for 7256 yen. Perhaps AntiVirusKit may be slightly cheaper if compared in the integrated version.

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