Norton Save & Restore released from Symantec

As contents, it is easy to understand with the function "Norton · Ghost" which can back up files by file and the wizard function. It is noteworthy that, when used in conjunction with Norton Internet security, it automatically starts backup when a virus or worm occurs.

In short, it is said that it is emergency evacuation, "You make it! Make it to make it in time!" Back up while shouting, it might be cool.

2006/04/06 - Symantec Announces "Norton Save & Restore"

Norton Save & amp; Restore: Features - Symantec Corp.

The release is from April 21, the package version is tax included 10,290 yen. The download version is 6,720 yen including tax.

Since Norton Save & amp; Restore has already backed up frequently used types of folders and files, even items that are extremely important to the user can be stored easily and in a short time.

Also, schedule specification, on-demand, event-triggered type backups are also possible. Disk imaging function of Norton · Ghost is also installed as it is. It is possible to image the entire hard disk without shutting down Windows and restarting it. In short, it is whole backup.

By the way, in the review by overseas CNET 6.3 out of 10 points.

Norton Save & amp; Restore Reviews. Backup and recovered by by CNET.

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