Microsoft website creation software "Expression Web" Japanese beta version

It is a thing that was previously named "Microsoft Expression Web Designer", and Japanese beta version can be used for free. Wuri is compliant with web standards, yet has a refined CSS page layout possible.

Personally, the function to optimize HTML made in Word, the check function such as CSS, the inspection function of accessibility are quite useful. Usability is like Dreamweaver.

That's why I tried downloading it and actually moved it.
Microsoft (R) Expression (R) Web Japanese Beta

The Microsoft .NET Framework is required for startup, and a link for downloading is provided on the above page.

Installable environments are Windows XP + SP2, Windows Server 2003 + SP1, Windows Vista. The recommended hard environment seems to require that the CPU is 233 MHz or more, the memory is 128 MB or more, and the hard disk capacity is 400 MB or more. In the environment at hand, 1367 MB of free space was required for standard installation.

Launch the downloaded installer

Click "Run"

Wait for a while

Please check and click "next"

Click "Install Now"

Installing ... Let's wait. It takes quite a while.

The actual required capacity and free space are as follows.

Click "Close" as installation is over. At this point, default Japanese input has been changed to MS-IME without permission. Also, association of HTML files will also be made to IE, so be careful.

Since this kind of window will appear at the first startup, click "No" for the time being.

Click "Next"

Since I do not use it in full swing this time, please check "Do not use" and click "Finish"

It is an interface like this. Like Dreamweaver.

By looking at the contents of each menu, you can see what you can do in general.




Of course it is possible to display editing symbols

You can also display rulers

You can also change the page size

Various toolbars


This area seems to be Microsoft


Various checks are possible from "Tool"

"Accessibility check"

"Compatibility check"

You can check whether it is HTML 4.01 compliant

XHTML can also be inspected

You can also check CSS

"CSS Report"

Changing usage status

Also, "HTML optimization" is very powerful

I tried experimenting with the 9.05 KB HTML file that I made in Word, and the file size has decreased to 3.95 KB.

This optimization can be automatically optimized when updating by FTP, WebDAV, etc.

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