How to register ".info" domain for 390 yen per year

As far as I know there is no cheaper domain acquisition method than this.

This campaign is done by "VALUE DOMAIN", and it is limited only for the part that I applied for from September 1, 2006 (Friday) to December 31, 2006 (Sunday).

Besides, it seems like it is inexpensive bargain sale such as ". Net" for 690 yen, ". Com" for 790 yen.

Details are as follows.
About .net / .com / .info domain name for a limited time discount

It is like this when it is summarized.

".net": 690 yen / year (usually 990 yen / year)
".com": 790 yen / year (usually 990 yen / year)
".info": 390 yen / year (usually 990 yen / year)

".net" and ".com" are new and transferable, but ".info" is new only.

Even so, it is cheap ... is not it OK for other domain operators to sell them at a discount ... ....

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