Tororo kelp suppresses the rise of neutral fat in the blood

Fujiko's announcement at the 2006 Food Science and Technology Association's annual meeting is "It is surprising that the tomato kelp shows that it suppresses the rise of neutral fat in the blood", but as an additional matter, "Kombu The effect is enhanced by thinly scraping off ... ". The picture above is a micrograph of molasses kelp, it has a tremendous structure.

That is, Fujiko's "Pure mushroomsIs not it OK with interpretation if you buy and eat it, OK? Personally, I am welcomed because it is tasty to put in a dish or something like udon ... ...

Details are as follows.
Announcement schedule "Troll kelp proved to suppress rise of neutral fat in the blood" was published (2006.8.18)(PDF file)

This effect is also seen in kelp before shaving, and more obvious action was found in Tororo kelp, he said. The reason seems to be because it affects the elution volume of useful ingredients in the gastrointestinal tract, depending on the processing characteristics of the mushrooms that shave thinner than the cell size of kelp.

Specifically, as a feature of the processing method of mushrooms, it is not to cook them in water or seasoning liquid like other products, and to be cut extremely thinly in a process called "cutting". As a result, since ingredients are hardly drained into water and seasoning liquid, the mushrooms are kept as it is the ingredients held in the raw kelp, and in addition to that, they are scraped very thinly, so that in the gastrointestinal tract It seems that it was presumed that the component elution amount is large.

Therefore, in this study, we examined the possibility that such processing characteristics of kelp might affect the elution of ingredients in the body and the manifestation of its physiological action, and as a result, the tomato kelp has the effect of neutral fat in the blood It seems to prove to suppress rise.

...... If you read it carefully, it only suppresses the rise, does not it decrease? Sorry.

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