Open source Flash player "Gnash"

A Flash player that adopts the GPL license and is being developed open source. It seems that development of standalone type players, plug - in for Firefox, etc is being done.

Details are as follows.
Gnash - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

The commentary is as follows.

Gnash - Wikipedia

Detailed reviews you actually used are explained on the site below with screenshots.

GNU Gnash Screenshots and Review - Process of Elimination

It seems that Adobe also plans to officially launch the Flash player 's Ver9 for Linux at the time, but there seems to be some advantages to Gnash still compared to it.

First of all, it is possible to set not to play sound by default. It is also possible to control such as pause and restart again. Basically, the Flash file being played is saved in the "tmp" directory, so it is easy to retrieve it later. Since the source code is open, it is possible to correspond to every platform, and the speed which blocks security holes may be faster than Adobe.

Also, the fourth lineup of FSF's top priority development project shows the high degree of expectation.

FSF - High Priority Free Software Projects

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