Yahoo! How to make community in Days, how to participate

Yahoo! Finally settling forward with mixi to combat SNS "Yahoo! DaysInvitation letter ofContinued recruitment until 23 o'clock todayis. Currently, queue waiting has been reduced to about 20 people. After the deadline, I will analyze what kind of readers of GIGAZINE, although it is easy to compile the questionnaires I sent you.

That's right, this time invitation letter questionnaire plan, the first100 simultaneous transmission restrictionsIn the end of the phrase caught on "Maximum number of friends registeredThere are happenings that 250 people are also caught. Since it can not be helped, I created an invitation account separately and I am sending it from there after 251 people, but if this is the case, the connection will expire. So I decided to create a "community" that can connect with people reading the same GIGAZINE.

Below, Yahoo! How to make community in Days and how to participate.
◆ How to participate in the community

Let's first search communities that you want to participate in the search. This timeGIGAZINE's communityI will decide to participate.

Click "Join this community"

Click "Join"

It is over if you click "to end setting and to community top". Very easy.

◆ How to make a community

First click the "Community" tab and click "Create Community" at the left end

Please decide community name and introduction sentence, picture to become signboard and participation condition, right to make topic and target age and click "confirm"

Click "Decide"

In the meantime, I attach "tag" for identification. This time it was "GIGAZINE". Click "Add".

Click "End setting and go to community top"

It will be like this. I only have myself. Lonely as it is, let's set up a "topic" of role like a bulletin board that can be written by participants.

Click "Create topic" at the far left

Enter the title, photo, and body and click "Confirm"

Click "Decide", it completes with this. Let's wait for someone to fill in.

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