I tried drinking "Bubble Man II Antarctica Soda"

Frankly speaking, it is a taste good enough to enter regular even if it enters regular. It is a feeling like drinking a lot and delicious ramune.

But this "Bubble Man II Antarctica SodaThere was a hidden secret in the package of ... ....
It is written as Micro Schwartt or Spark X, but indeed the carbonate was fine and there was momentum

Raw material is like this. This is Antarctica soda flavor.

It's amazing color.

If I think I've seen it somewhere, it is the same color as "Potion", is this.

So, when we look at the package of the bottle, it says "check the back side"! Let's peel off.

What is this ...

"Yume Machine Bubble Car"

Is there a sequential order from "A", is this?

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