Watch that feels the universe close "Astordea"

As a new product of Citizen's real celestial watch "Astordea", 2006 repeat model (3 models) released from August 1. It seems that the actual sales price is around 47,000 yen.ASTRODEA - Astronomical clock - Citizen Active Inc.

It is a wrist watch with a constellation board and age display. It seems that visibility and operability are improved with the improved edition of "2005 Astordea" to be released this time.

It seems to be useful for astronomical observation because it is quite real.

Although it seems that three models are coming out with the New South Otan model, all sky model, new age-age model, the features of the astronomical representation of each model are as follows.

"Southern Northern model (35 ° constellation Xin Nan Ten display type)"
Features: The display of Southern sky is close to the actual starry sky image, an automatic constellation board built-in hemispherical type "constellation watch"

"All-sky model (north latitude 35 ° constellation all sky display type)"
Features: The northern hemispherical type "constellation watch" with built-in automatic constellation board according to the display scheme of the general constellation quick-

"New age model (35 ° north latitude type north latitude"
Features: Automatic display of moving sun and moon position and age etc. by original method, "Multifunctional Celestial Watch"

As for the planned sales number, all the sky models are 500 pieces, the new southern model and the new age-old model are each 300 pieces, so please early if you want it.

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