A simple and stylish 'Age Calendar' review that lets you know the moon's phases and age at a glance

Human beings recognize the flow of time by looking at the phases of the moon from the ancient times as if the moon is used as a unit of time or expressing as "the day passes" that the time elapses It was. A calendar that allows you to see the moon phases at a glance with the age is the " Age Calendar " series.

Liburia .net

"CD size monthly calendar" "age calendar Vol. 2" "age calendar Vol. 1" from the left.

Firstly, I will look at "CD size monthly calendar".

This was taking the film and putting the thing in the case. In addition to the case of becoming a stand, there was a guide about the 12 months' calendar and holiday notation.

The calendar has a glossy print on paper of a thickness of about postcard.

One week is Sunday beginning, Sundays and holidays are written in red letters. Since the phases of the moon are drawn, basically it is impossible to write a schedule, but it does not make it a mess and it has become a simple calendar.

The numbers under the date are the age of the age , and further below it the name of the age such as "crescent moon" or "15 nights" is stated. Phase of the moon is being represented by a yellow moon illustrations, such as "Moon" and "full moon" the moon phase is, was written in blue as easy to read even overlap with the month.

Fold the cover of the case behind to become a desk stand.

The size of the case is 127 mm in length × 129 mm in width, when compared with the iPhone 8 Plus with a long side about 158 cm in height when it is made into a stand it is such feeling.

For guidance on holiday notation, it is explained that the name of the event on May 1, 2019 where the Crown Prince attracts is to be attached to the sun. According to the Act " (PDF file) enforced on 14th December 2018 as a holiday on the day when the emperor's ceremonial throne and the ceremonial ceremonial occasion is held " May 1st 2019 and October 22nd It was declared that the Golden Week in 2019 will be 10 consecutive holidays because the day is announced to be a national holiday, as well as May 2, 2019 May be a holiday.

When checking the calendar, the date of "exit day" and "day of cadence" and the name of the event with Hinomaru are written on April 30, 2019 and the next May 1, but the color of the date is It is the same as weekdays.

"Day of ceremonial ceremonial occasion" on October 22, 2019 is handled in the same way. Also, because December 23 is not a holiday, the letters of the date are written in the same color as weekday, and the event was described as "Heisei Emperor's Birthday" at the event

Next is "Age Calendar Vol. 1" (580 yen including tax). When taking the film, there was a guide on the white plastic stand, the calendar and its cover, and the holiday notation. Information on holiday notation is the same content as the previous "CD size monthly calendar" is stated.

It is like this when arranging the calendar for 12 months. Unlike 'CD size monthly calendar' which was yellow in color, the illustration of the moon was designed with different colors and colorful.

I will assemble the stand. First fold the center of the stand back.

Next, insert the part of the claw arriving at the center into the slit of the stand ... ...

I will catch it in the narrowed part of the slit.

Setting a calendar on the stand completes the desk calendar.

Size is like this when compared with "CD size monthly calendar" and transportation IC card.

You can also use this desktop calendar hanging on the wall. Because it has protrusions on the center part folded behind when making it a stand ......

Insert the protrusion until it snaps into the hole in the case.

This is where I pinned the hook from above with a pin with a pin. Since the former is a desktop calendar, it can not be seen from a distance like a wall-mounted calendar in terms of size, but instead of putting it on a desk facing the wall, it can hang around the wall to clean the desk around.

"Age calendar Vol. 2 (moon-yellow)" is a type that made yellow illustration of the illustration of the month of "Age calendar Vol. 1 (Moon-colorful)". You can not enjoy watching the moon of a different color every month like Vol.1, but the sophisticated simplicity has become more prominent as much.

"Age calendar" series is Librelia.net is sold at the official online shopping site of the Internet, it can also be purchased at Amazon.co.jp, the price at the time of article creation is 580 yen including tax "Moon-calendar Vol. 1 (Moon-colorful)" , "Age calendar Vol. 2 (moon - yellow)" is 520 yen including tax, "CD size monthly calendar" is 535 yen including tax.

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