How to make the program 2 to 4 times faster

It is a story of programming, so it is not related to users who only use software.

In short, it is a very basic trick to speed up a program with a slow execution speed by 2 to 4 times if you use technology or technology.

It is an idea of ​​the algorithm, so it is necessary to raise the execution speed of the program by all means for the job, but people who do not know how to do it is not a good idea.
Dr. Dobb's | An Algorithm for Compressing Space and Time | 3 1, 2006

The famous "Life game"As an example and how to speed up the content of programming code, how to approach it, the idea of ​​recursive algorithm used at that time, how to compress complex expressions into simple expressions, compress By doing so we can save execution time, etc. We will explain in detail in detail.

Although it feels like there is no problem from the beginning in the first place if you can understand this.

Recursive algorithm

Although it is written also on the above site,

Although it is easy to write in recursive programs, nonrecursive programs are somewhat becoming rather complicated programs.

First, let us consider the problem with a non-recursive program.
If judging it is difficult, think about it with a recursive program.

This is the basis. So, if you understand the recursive algorithm, it will demonstrate dramatic power in cases where that method is effective. Although it is not a versatile one, I will also listen to the list structure and so on if you use the recursive function.

Either way, I wonder if there are no losses to know. Many similar books have appeared, so if you are aiming for further level up please do your best.

Also, I think that this way of thinking, even in real life can be applied enough.

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