World Jump Day, Japan flew one hour earlier

Well, recently introduced "World Jump DayContinuing report of.

On the official website, when choosing "Tokyo" it was "19:39 and 13 seconds", but several things pointed out that this is strange if I think about it well.

It is just after the "after festival" as it is already over, I would like to verify.
First of all, if you look closely at the official website, it is "11: 39: 13 GMT". Tokyo in Japan is "GMT + 9", so if Japan time is 9 hours, it should be "20: 39: 13". However, it was not so. It is one hour earlier. Why? As a result of thinking, it turned out that it was due to this.

Daylight saving time - Wikipedia

Yes, it is daylight saving time. At this time, in other countries, I had advanced the clock hands one hour. However, it is not introduced in Japan. However, the authors of this site did not know such circumstances in Japan, it was politely advanced one hour, so it shifted by one hour, so I made it to be written as 19 o'clock although it was 20 o'clock.

So it seems that Japan only jumped one hour earlier than other foreign countries on July 20, 2006 at 19:39 and 13 seconds. I hope this will not cause the deviation of the Earth orbit ...

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